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Performance, Voice & Presentation Coaching for Business


Make an impact, improve presence and gravitas


Deliver more effective presentations


Improve your interaction with others and develop better business relationships


Deal with nerves and feel more confident with clients and colleagues


Perform better in interview

Presenting yourself well in business is  about giving a performance.  Better use of your voice and body can inspire confidence in yourself and inspire others to take action.

Whether you are selling your services, motivating colleagues or securing approval for a new idea or venture, the ability to engage your listeners and win their co-operation is critical to your success.

These might be messages you have heard in business many times – there are a wealth of training organisations offering communication and presentation skills courses.   But if you are after a more personal and direct approach, with a creative edge, I offer one-to-one practical coaching in a relaxed but professional environment in which to focus on your needs as an individual.

We will start with what you want to achieve.  My personal online coaching works with you to address your particular issues, so you are prepared to take the floor and deliver – in the office, or in front of an audience.

You’ll learn to recognise nervous energy and re-direct it productively, as well as how your body language impacts your presence.

I can help you discover how to use your voice and speech to enhance your message, and how to scale your  performance to the size and nature of your audience.

You’ll also learn how to respond to your audience – effective presentation can be as much about processing the response, as it is about speaking.

And you’ll learn to find your own voice and feel more comfortable with yourself – in the workplace and in life.

Why online coaching?

There is a different quality of attention with online coaching – it is very focused, practical and flexible.

You can accommodate our sessions into your own lifestyle, timetable and environment, which can help you feel more relaxed.

You can record your sessions if you want to.

I can work with you wherever you are in the world.

All you need is Facetime or a Skype connection.

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